In-studio Playtime
Dancing with Olga Koda

2012 US Pole Dance Championships
Professional Division, Optional Round
1st Place Performance

Pole Art 2012
Guest Performance

"Superpower," Performed at the Pole Star Showcase at the 2015 Pole Expo in Las Vegas.I loved dancing this piece. It expresses how I feel about my husband, the strength I get from pole dancing with movement credits and inspiration to Allison Wardwell and The Pulse Project.

Miss Pole Dance Brasil 2013
Guest Performance

2012 US Pole Dance Championship
Professional Division, Compulsory
1st Place Performance

2011 US Pole Dance Championships
Amateur Division, Optional Round
1st Place Performance

Main stage presentation and performance, "Pole Dancing, Preconceptions, and You," for Adaptation: 2017 AIGA Design Conference in Las Vegas